Update to cpumonitor... first of many

I've updated cpumonitor for the first time in a while. This brings the first of many release as I gradually drag the swingbench code base up to Java 8 conformance. This build now requires Java 8. The few changes I've made are
  • The record button now outputs a CSV as opposed a tab delimited file.
  • Removed unnecessary output in the "micro" version
  • Updated ssh libraries to latest version
You can find it here. Let me know if you have any issues.

CPUMonitor 0.2 just released

I’ve just released 0.2 of cpumonitor. Its got a few nice features in it.
  • Support for Solaris
  • A Mini view (use the -md option on the command line)
  • New charting engine (a bit punchier)
  • Encrypted passwords in config file
  • Fixes for rendering on Linux and Unix
  • Reports errors for failed connections
It will require Java 6 to run and you will need to make sure that you enable “Password Authentication” in your sshd_config file (enabled by default on Linux) i.e in sshd_config add or uncomment the following line on the target server
# To disable tunneled clear text passwords, change to no here!PasswordAuthentication yes

You can download it from here as usual.

The following are a few screen shots of the mini mode and the max mode (default)