CPUMonitor 0.2 just released

I’ve just released 0.2 of cpumonitor. Its got a few nice features in it.
  • Support for Solaris
  • A Mini view (use the -md option on the command line)
  • New charting engine (a bit punchier)
  • Encrypted passwords in config file
  • Fixes for rendering on Linux and Unix
  • Reports errors for failed connections
It will require Java 6 to run and you will need to make sure that you enable “Password Authentication” in your sshd_config file (enabled by default on Linux) i.e in sshd_config add or uncomment the following line on the target server
# To disable tunneled clear text passwords, change to no here!PasswordAuthentication yes

You can download it from here as usual.

The following are a few screen shots of the mini mode and the max mode (default)

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