swingbench new release

New build of swingbench 2.4

I’ve just uploaded a new build of swingbench with the following fixes

  • Wizard now writes output to debug.log correctly with the -debugFile option
  • Fixed bug where partitioning was always installed regardless. This meant the wizards couldn't install against a standard edition database
  • Fixed a bug where swingbench wouldn't start unless all users were able to log on. Swingbench will now start when it has logged on as many users as it can.
  • Fixed a bug where users were incorrectly counted as being logged on
  • Fixed a bug where logging wasn't correctly written to a debug file
  • Changed -debugFile to -debugf to provide consistency with other tools
  • Changed to way users logged on is reported in verbose mode of charbench 
  • Updated the secure shell libraries to support Solaris 11

You can find it
here. Let me know if you find any problems.

New build of swingbench 2.4

I’ve just uploaded a new build of swingbench 2.4 it has a number of bug fixes which sort out some of the following issues
  • Unexpected termination due to driver issues
  • Unclear timeline text on the overview chart
  • Numerous UI and java issues

You can download it
Let me know if you have any problems via the
comment page

New build of Swingbench

After a bit of a delay Im releasing a new build of swingbench. It has a large number of fixes reflected in the difference in build numbers. Some of the changes include
  • A new report at the end of wizard driven install that details the speed of the install but also whether the objects that have been created are valid
  • A fix to clusteroverview that prevented it starting
  • A fix to the cpumonitor that prevented it from running in some instances
  • Some icon changes
  • Warning and error alerts are now fired inside of the wizard to highlight potential issues
  • Fix that prevented install logs being saved
  • Average response time can now be displayed in command line mode
  • Removed the required to run the wizards in headless mode
  • Fixed numerous UCP issues
  • Many other fixes

The new report looks like this

Im hoping it should make it easier to understand if a install worked correctly.

You can download the new build here. As usual let me know if it hangs together.