Data Generator is a utility to populate,create and load tables with semi random data. Users can specify, sequences, random text, random numbers, database columns and files as sources for tables. It can be downloaded here.

A screencast is available that demonstrates some of its installation and some of its functionality.

Data Generator will create the create tables statements (DDL), and the control files for SQL Loader

The program uses a xml configuration file to determine the structure of the table(s) it is to create and populate. The new release 0.4 has the following new features

  • Simple reverse engineering of schemas via a wizard.
  • Improved multithreading
  • Support for sequences and indexes
  • More datatypes (Timestamp and Interval)
  • Scalable schema support
  • Simple parent child support

Coming Soon

  • Pluggable data generators
  • Star schema support
  • Documentation.....

Let me know if its of any use via the comments page