New Build of Datagenerator

Im releasing a new build of Datagenerator simply because there hasn’t been one for a while. Thats not to say it hasn’t undergone significant changes. Most of them are as a result of enhancements to support schema creation for swingbench. In particular is the introduction of Pre and Post generation scripts. These allow me to run a complete schema creation from within datagenerator. These scripts appear as top level items from within the tree (see below).

In the side panel you can now include scripts and parameters for the scripts.

I’ve also included the script files used for generating the SH and SOE schemas used by swingbench. This should make it easier to understand what is going on and potentially create your own versions of the schemas.

In this release I’ve also improved the threading model and included one or two other performance enhancements....

In the next release I’m going to try and add support for for well know data items such as zip/post codes, NI numbers, Social Security etc.... as well as allowing users to plug their own data generators in.

You can download it from the usual place and as before leave comments below or via the comments page.