Swingbench 2.6 Beta is now available

To celebrate the release of Oracle Database 12c Release 2, I'm releasing swingbench 2.6 into the wild. New features include
  • New JSON benchmark
  • New TPC-DS Like benchmark
  • New Declarative approach to creating a user defined benchmark
  • New SQL Query Editor to create queriers for the user defined benchmark
  • New chart rendering engine
  • Starting swingbench without a named config file now shows a "Select Benchmark" dialogue
  • Many internal fixes
  • Normal stats collection estimates percentiles
  • The stats files also contain tps,cpu and io readings where available.
  • Support for remote connectivity to Oracle Cloud in connection dialogues
  • New "SBUtil" (Swingbench Utility) to validate benchmarks and scale them up (SH and OE Only at present)
  • New "results2pdf" utility to convert results files into pdfs
NOTE : Java 8 is now the only supported VM You can download it here

SwingBench 2.6
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