Busy, Busy, Busy

Back again..... Hoping to get things moving again. Sadly I’ve been so busy at work (and at home) that I’ve had little or no time to update code. I’ve been answering a lot of questions lately so the good news is that people are still using swingbench, Thankyou.

I have come across one or two annoying features (read bugs if you wish Happy). The first of which appears to be that CPU monitoring on Windows (and solaris but Im fixing this) appears to be broken. Previously I had this working in conjunction with Cygwin but even this is now broken. Windows appears to process a piece of code (used for calling out) differently than any other platform. I’ll post some examples shortly so the Java heads amongst you can figure it out and I can get it working again. I can’t promise anything other than my gratitude.

I’ve also started to twitter (very occasionally) but for those that want to follow me you can do it here...

For those on a Mac and are looking for an alternative iWeb... try out RapidWeaver. Its getting better every release. Also use the Stacks plugin... it rounds it off brilliantly.

Back shortly with that darn Java problem....
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