Swingbench Version 2.2 (release candidate)

Swingbench version 2.1h is now 2.2. Im certain I've included enough new functionality to justify this change. Over the last week or so I've managed to add a whole raft of new features and fixes that should simplify its use. There won't be any new features in this current release just bug fixes. The intention is to have it stable and the doc finished by the end of December. I've also updated the swingbench manual, I'll update clusteroverview's doc shortly. So in summary new in 2.2...
New in 2.2

  • A new lightweight graphical load generator called "minibench"

  • The coordinator now has a number of command line options (start, stop, status, run, halt)

  • The coordinator can now be run in ether graphical or character mode

  • The charting engine now uses Oracle's BIBeans graphing technology

  • Better exception handling and error messages in both swingbench and clusteroverview

  • Users can now turn off jumping to the events panel in swingbench

  • The user chart in clusteroverview now allows users to specify monitored users

  • Swingbench can logon/logoff users between transactions (experimental)

  • Minor changes to swingconfig.xml

  • New Look and Feel

  • charbench/swingbench/minibench now have a number of command line options allowing them to override configuation file settings. This should simplify configuration.

  • CPU monitor (accessible via coordinator)

  • charbench can now display transaction/cpu load in sar/vmstat like format

  • swingbench can now display graphically display cpu load

  • Lots of fixes to the benchmark install wizards

  • order entry benchmark can now be scaled to 100GB

  • CPU monitor for database nodes in clusteroverview

  • Simple CPU monitor in minibench

Still to come

  • Localisation support

  • TimesTen support

  • Simple generic load test

  • DSS benchmark


CPU overview
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