Swingbench 2.3 Beta available

I've just posted swingbench 2.3 to the downloads page. This build still needs some work but it has some genuinely useful features.

These include
  • Update to frontend of "minibench"

  • New simple "Stress Test" benchmark for both Oracle and TimesTen

  • TimesTen support

  • User defineable length of benchmark run

  • Better statistics in reports output

  • Benchmark comparison tool

  • Improved connection pooling and fAN support (via swingconfig file only)

  • Minor changes to swingconfig.xml

  • Build numbers for each release

  • User selectable timings i.e. measurements in seconds, centiseconds, millseconds, microseconds etc.

The new runtime functionality and bmcompare utility allow for large complex benchmark runs and comparisons between individual runs. The new minibench UI provides a richer experience for those wishing to run the swingbench environment in graphical mode but without the overhead of the full blown interface.

Documentation (online and pdf) to follow shortly.
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