What next for swingbench?

Im at a sort of a crossroads with swingbench and Id like some feedback on what course I should follow next. There are a number of features I've been promising for a while

  • A new data warehousing benchmark, this also requires I get datagenerator into a more complete state.

  • Better multiple load generator support, clusteroverview hasn't really received much attention in the recent point releases

  • Better reporting, I've always planned to integrate a mini statspack so that each run results in a more complete break down on not just the results but what happened to the database

  • A html front end, I could do this either by integrating it into Enterprise manager (not as hard as you think) or writing a bespoke JSP front end.

  • HTTP load generation support, I've been promising this for a while and have written the engine and have nearly got the code in a state where I could drop it in. But I've a feeling the market is a wash with HTTP load generators.

  • None of the above and just tighten up the code.

If you have strong feelings on any of these drop me a comment.
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