J2SE 5.0 and Swingbench

I've begun looking at the internal of the swingbench code. Its not massively complicated but it is a little opaque. Its was written a long time ago when many of Java's constructs were new to a hardened C programmer. Im slowly going through the code and tidying it up, for valid reasons which I'll come to in a second. However it has given me the chance to use the functionality offered in J2SE 5.0 primarily enumerators and generics. These tidy up the code a lot and make it almost readable. Its also made me more determined to re-factor the code and make it much cleaner and modular.

The reason Im migrating to J2SE 5.0 is purely to support Oracle's new in memory database TimesTen. To measure its response time accurately I need microsecond timings. Since J2SE 5.0 offers nano second timing support where the platform supports it it made sense to do it all in one go. Sadly its a much bigger modification than I indented since it effects most of the code base. Still its proving interesting. Expect TimesTen support in a build almost immediately after 2.2 goes production.
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