Swingbench 2.4 Beta Released

I may regret this but it all seems to hang togther so I’ve decided to release 2.4 of swingbench. It dosen’t look significantly different from 2.3 but it has enough changes to warrant a point change. These include....
  • New SH wizard
  • New highly threaded benchmark builds for the OE and SH benchmarks
  • New standard sizings for SOE and SH (1GB,10GB,100GB,1TB)
  • Improved scalability of the SOE benchmark
  • Oracle UCP connections
  • New CPU monitor architecture (uses ssh instead of agent)
  • Update look and feel on Overview charts (more coming)
  • Configuration free install (Simply ensure Java is your path)
The first thing people are likely to notice is that you shouldn’t need to edit any files. As long as a 1.5 JVM is in your path you should just be able to start swingbench and the wizards. I’ve also tried to tidy things up in the directory structure and Im giving Apache launcher a go to try and centralise configuration. This may or may not work out Im already picking up a few issues.... But let me know how you find it.
The other big change is that I’’ve tried to standardise the benchmarks. You can now choose between 1GB,10GB,100GB or 1TB. The thing to watch out for is that this refers to the raw data size. The indexes add to this quite considerably. So a 1TB will require 3.2TB of disk space. The good news is that they are massively multi threaded now and so if you have the horse power (plenty of CPUs and IO) they should build relatively quickly (12 hours for a 1TB benchmark).
I’ve also updated the look of the overview graphs to make them a little punchier... I’ll be improving them still further shortly.
So now the stuff that’s a little broken....
  • Charbench’s interactive mode seems to have cracked under the weight of all the updates. I have a fix for it but it requires a 1.6 JVM and Im trying to figure out if I can port it to 1.5. In the mean time you’ll have to use timers (-rt option) until I have a workable fix.
  • Backgrounding tasks seems to be a little broken as well... I hope to have a fix for this shortly.
Also the stuff thats planned but didn’t quite make it.
  • An end of run benchmark report. I’ve got it sort of working but it’s a little awkward looking.
  • Update to coodinator controls...
  • AIX cpu monitoring... I have the code. It just needs testing.
Let me know what you think here. You can download it here.

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