Testing a new build of swingbench

I haven't released any updates to swingbench in a while and the reason was that I encountered a difficult to debug "concurrent modification" issue. Normally these are pretty straight forward to find if you are regularly modifying the code. However that's not how I work. I only modify the swingbench code base when I find the time which is generally when something else is cancelled at short notice… Or there's a massive issue with a release.

The problem I had this time around was I made a "quick fix" a couple of years ago to a section of the code that creates the various snapshots of data during a timed run. I always meant to come back and fix this "quick fix" when I found the time… Anyway, fast forward to October last year and I added some code that created "percentiles" for reporting for simple and full stats collection. This lead to some behaviour on the stats collection that created a near impossible to debug "concurrent modification exception". The only solution was to painstakingly go through all of the threaded code to find the issue. It turns out that the "quick fix" I made created a sublist of a section of the data structure as a "view" instead of a new copy. An amateurish mistake to make but I guess not uncommon if you maintain the code in the way I do….

So what I'm looking for is some volunteers to check that the code works as expected.

You can find the new build of the code here. You'll need Java 8 on the machine you're installing it on.

The steps needed to test the problem code are…

  • Unzip the swingbench zip file (swingbenchtest.zip)
  • Change into the bin directory (on Linux/Unix) or winbin directory (on windows)
  • Create a new swingbench schema using oewizard or shwizard. This will walk you through the install against your database (11.2 or 12.1)
  • Start up swingbench or charbench…
  • Set and test the connection to the database that you ran oewizard against
  • Set the Benchmark run time to a value i.e. 10mins,
  • Set the start record statistics to a value i.e. 2mins
  • Set the stop record statistics to a value i.e. 8mins


  • Start the benchmark run
  • When it finished check that stats/xml has been created in the output tab.

Alternatively do this in charbench with a command like

./charbench -cs //oracleserver/orcl -u soe -p soe -uc 100 -rt 0:10 -bs 0:02 -be 0:08

This should generate a results file in the directory you started it from.

Appreciate the time and effort for helping me out…

Alongside the fix to this difficult build I've also included the additional functionality in this build

  • Percentiles are now created for both "simple" and "full" stats collection
  • You can now specify "rt", "bs" and "be" in fractions of a second i.e. 0:00.30 (30 seconds). Previously is had a granularity of minutes
  • An initial JSON in the database benchmark framework has been created.
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