Update to MonitorDB

Just a quick one I've update MonitorDB to enable it to use wallets. So it can now run against Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing and Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse.

You can add the location in the configuration file or

Screenshot of IntelliJ IDEA (22-01-2019, 18-48-21)

On the command line

Screenshot of Terminal (22-01-2019, 18-51-09)

I've also compiled it for Java8 and used the latest jdbc drivers.

You can find it here

A new member of the family

I’ve just add a new member to the family. MonitorDB. It’s a simple tool that allows you to trivially chart and record the values of a SQL query. You can have as many charts as you want and you can pretty much chart anything as long as it’s expressed in SQL form. Take a look at short description here or download it here
Monitor IO