New build of swingbench... Testers needed!!

I've just finished a new build of swingbench 2.6 and it has a lot (and I mean a lot) of under the cover changes to try and take advantage of some Java8 features. Most of the changes are to simplify the code and make sure that some of the more complicated concurrent code works as expected. I'd really appreciate it if you get a chance to try this version out and provide me with some feedback.

Change log

  • Reverted back to the old chart engine rather than JavaFX to ensure charts now render on Linux as well as Mac and Windows
  • Improvements in code to ensure that results are always written to a results file or the screen
  • Charbench now has the option of producing a simple human readable report at the end of the run via the "-mr" command line option
  • Users can now update the meta data at the end of a run with the sbutil utility to ensure it reflects the changes that have taken place
  • Better handling of errors when attempting to start graphical utils on server without an output device to render to (headless)

As always you can download it from here

A new member of the family

I’ve just add a new member to the family. MonitorDB. It’s a simple tool that allows you to trivially chart and record the values of a SQL query. You can have as many charts as you want and you can pretty much chart anything as long as it’s expressed in SQL form. Take a look at short description here or download it here
Monitor IO