Command Line Options

There are a number of command line options for swingbench that can be used to automate testing and data builds. These can be displayed by using the -h option.

[dgiles@macbook bin]$ ./datagenerator -h
usage: parameters:
 -async                 perform async commits
 -bs         batch size of inserts (defaults to 50)
 -c           specify config file
 -cl                    use command line interface
 -commit    number of inserts between commits
 -cs                    connectring for database insertion
 -d          output directory (defaults to "data")
 -db                    write data direct to database
 -ddl                   just generate the ddl to be used
 -debug                 turn on debug information
 -dt                    driver type (oci|thin)
 -f                     write data to file
 -g                     use graphical user interface
 -h,--help              print this message
 -i                     use insert append (Oracle specific)
 -nc                    don't create any constraints after data creation
 -ni                    don't create any indexes after data creation
 -nodrop                don't drop tables if they exist
 -p                     password for database insertion
 -r          random generator algorithm (java|mersenne|simple)
 -s                     run silent
 -scale          mulitiplier for default config
 -tc                    number of generation threads (defaults to 2)
 -u                     username for database insertion
 -z                     compress the results file