To install Swingbench release 2.5 or 2.6, all you need to do is ensure you have a Java 8 JVM available and then unzip the swingbench file. Change into the bin/winbin directory and run the files from there.

To run swingbench a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) must be installed on the client platform. It is a requirement that the JVM be at least Java 8 or higher. Whilst Swingbench ships with the latest jdbc library meaning that it can run against an Oracle database without the requirement for any other libraries, it will be necessary to install Oracle OCI libraries if needed. These can be downloaded here

If you intend to run the test against a TimesTen database (Swingbench 2.3 only) you'll also need to ensure that all of these libraries are installed too.

Swingbench is supplied in a single zip file downloaded from here. To uncompress this file issue the command (Unix/Linux)

[oracle@dgiles-uk swingbench]$ unzip swingbench

On Microsoft Windows use WinZip to perform this operation.