Minor Swingbench update to 2.3, build 125

Hi just a minor patch update to fix a few minor updates. Yup I do make changes based on feedback. Thats assuming I have time... Things are slowing down just a little at work as people head off on holiday so Im hoping to get 2.3 finished soon.. just the UI changes now... I'll be at Oracle HQ in the US next week so Im not likely to be able to respond to much email. For any of my work colleagues that need to get in touch I'll be on the mobile...
Back to the minor fixes
  • Sorted out the save, save buttons so they should work as expected.

  • Now a Transactions per second option for charbench(if this is useful I'll include it inside of swingbench and minibench)

  • Benchmark name now include on window title for swingbench

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