New functionality for 2.2

I've backported some functionality from 2.3 to 2.2. This enables the user to specify the runtime for swingbench from the command line. I've also added a new command line option to specify a login delay from the command line as well. This is useful for throttling back connections for large numbers of sessions.


./charbench -cs //kgy11034/orcl -rt 0:30 -a -uc 1000 -min 1500 -max 2500 -ld 10

Will run charbench for 30 minutes and then automatically log off the users... the -ld 10 will put a 10 millisecond delay in between connections giving the server a bit of breathing space...

you should be able to run all tests using a script like this

./charbench -cs //kgy11034/orcl -rt 0:30 -a -uc 1000 -min 1500 -max 2500 -ld 10
./charbench -cs //kgy11034/orcl -rt 0:30 -a -uc 2000 -min 1500 -max 2500 -ld 10
./charbench -cs //kgy11034/orcl -rt 0:30 -a -uc 3000 -min 1500 -max 2500 -ld 10
./charbench -cs //kgy11034/orcl -rt 0:30 -a -uc 4000 -min 1500 -max 2500 -ld 10

I've also recompiled 2.2 with a 1.4 JVM to support backwards compatibility.
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