So whats new in Swingbench 2.3

I've been putting the final touches on the 2.3 release of swingbench. So far the features that have made it in are

  • TimesTen support

  • Timer support. This allows you to run the benchmark for a given time

  • User selectable timings i.e. measurements in seconds, centiseconds, millseconds, microseconds etc.

  • Code modification to support 1.5

Im still also hoping to include a utility that will provide side by side comparison of benchmark runs. For example this will allow you to run six benchmarks and compare the differences between each one. So you could increase the user count by 50 percent each run and then determine what difference this makes to the server. It will be pretty simple at first but Im hoping it will become more sophisticated over time.

Things that aren't likely to make it but will be in 2.4

  • Data warehosuing benchmark

  • Update to clusteroverview

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