Release of Swingbench 2.5

I’m pleased to announce the release of swingbench 2.5. It has a ton of fixes and new functionality in it but most importantly it has full support for Oracle Database 12c. At this stage I’m going to call it Beta but only because it’s received a limited amount of testing inside of Oracle. Obviously let me know what you think. I’ll try and provide fixes as quickly as possible to any thing you flag up. You can download it here .

Fixes and Enhancements include

  • Fixed a bug where the wizards struggled with some time zones.
  • Fixed a bug where the init() command wasn't called correctly
  • Removed unnecessary stacktrace output when invalid command line parameters are used
  • Fixed an integer overflow where some stats were reported incorrectly
  • Added normal distribution of data to better model real world data in the OE and SH benchmarks
  • Added verbose output (-v) to the wizards when run in command line mode to provide better feedback
  • Increased the maximum heap use by oewizard and shwizard to 2GB in size
  • Updated launch parameters for java to set min and max to avoid unnecessary memory consumption
  • Users can now define their own output date format mask for charbench via a swingbench environment variable (see FAQ)
  • Wizards in graphical mode now display a warning before data generation if there isn't enough temporary space to generate indexes
  • Wizards in graphical mode now display the reason they can't connect to the database
  • Generated data is more representative of real world formats
  • Charts in overview now display values when moused over
  • Support of backgrounding charbench, Unix/Linux only. requires the use of both the -bg swinbench option and "&" operator
  • Fixes and improvements to error suppression
  • The maximum number of soft partitions that can be specified is limited to 48. Values larger than this cause severe performance degradation. This is being looked into.
  • Version 2.0 of the OE benchmark is included (selectable from the wizard).
  • Wizards allow you to specify index, compression and partitioning models where supported (command line and GUI)
  • All scripts and variables used by wizards are listed in the configuration file
  • Benchmark version can be specified on the command line
  • Fixed an issue where specifying max Y values in charts was ignored
  • Support for choosing whether commits are executed client or server side in the SOE Benchmark -D CommitClientSide=true
  • Wizards recommend a default size for the benchmarks based on the size of the SGA
  • The customers and supplementary_demographics table are now range partitioned in the SH schema if the range portioned option is specified
  • New overview chart parameter (config file only)  allows you specify what YValue a chart will start at
  • Wizards allow the creation of schemas with or without indexes
  • The sh schema now allows a partitioned or non partitioned schema
  • Updated XML infrastructure
  • Removed unneeded libraries and reduced size of distribution
  • Errors in transactions can now be reported via the -v errs command line option
  • Tidied up error reporting. Errors should be reported without exception stacks unless running in debug mode
  • Fixed a problem where it wasn't possible to restart a benchmark run when using connection pooling
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