Example Chart Example for MonitorDB

I’m doing a little testing with UCP (Universal Connection Pooling) and RAC and it’s ways handy to continually monitor where the user connections are going and how they change over time. MonitorDB makes it easy to do this. All you need to so is add another SQL entry to MonitorDB’s config file. Something like this.

SOE Users Logged On SELECT 'Instance ' ||s.inst_id Category, CASE s.inst_id WHEN 1 THEN 'Red' WHEN 2 THEN 'Green' WHEN 3 THEN 'Blue' WHEN 4 THEN 'Pink' END Color , NVL(gv.val,0) value FROM (SELECT * FROM ( SELECT 1 inst_id FROM dual UNION SELECT 2 inst_id FROM dual UNION SELECT 3 inst_id FROM dual UNION SELECT 4 inst_id FROM dual ) ) s, (SELECT inst_id, COUNT(1) val FROM gv$session WHERE username = 'SOE' GROUP BY inst_id ) gv WHERE s.inst_id=gv.inst_id(+) ORDER BY s.inst_id None Line 1 1 true
You can obviously change the colours and instance values etc… but you’ll end up with something like this...

You can download MonitorDB here.
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