New build of swingbench

I’ve just finished a new build of swingbench and the command line got a little bit of love. I’ve added the following new functionality

  • Added new transactions to sh benchmark
  • Percentiles now report 10th to 90th percentiles instead of just 25th,50th and 75th percentile
  • Added a new command line option to allow users to change stats collection target.
  • Fixed the command line option “-bg” so it’s possible to background charbench
  • Added new commands to coordinator to make it simpler to use
    • Changed -stop to -kill to better indicate what it does
    • Changed -halt to -stop to indicate what it does
    • Added -stopall to stop all attached clients
    • Added -runall to start all attached clients
    • Added -stats to enable all display aggregated transaction rates of all attached clients
  • Included python script to parse the one or more results files into csv format (located in $SWINGHOME/utils)
  • forced users to specify either -create, -drop or -generate when specify character mode (-c)

The functionality enabling you to background and the changes to the coordinator might need a little more explaining. The idea is that you might want to run up more than one load generator either because you want to create a truly tremendous load you want to run different load generators at different databases. To do this you might want to use a combination of backgrounding the load generators and using the coordinator to start,stop and report on them. For example

$ ./coordinator &$ ./charbench -cs //oracle12c/pdb1 -bg -s -uc 25 -co localhost &$ ./charbench -cs //oracle12c/pdb2 -bg -s -uc 25 -co localhost & $ ./charbench -cs //oracle12c/pdb3 -bg -s -uc 25 -co localhost &$ ./coordinator -runall$ ./coordinator -statsAggregated results for 3 load generatorsUse Ctrl-C to halt stats collection Time Users TPM TPS 17:52:03 75 3898 460 17:52:06 75 5263 483 17:52:09 75 6669 489. . .. . .$./coordinator -stopall$./coordinator -kill

Note : to background charbench you must specify -bg (it indicates the client will no longer be taking input from stdin)

You can download it as usual from

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