New build of swingbench

I’ve uploaded a new build of swingbench 422 to the website, I’d recommend upgrading to this build its pretty stable and includes a lot of bug fixes. It includes some new functionality relating to specifying window sizes and positions for minibench and clusteroverview. This means its now possible to maximise the real estate used by swingbench without having to move things around after you’ve started it up. The following example illustrates what’s possible.

./coordinator -g &sleep 2./minibench -co localhost -cm -pos 0,0 -dim 500,400 -min 300 -max 800 -a -cs //node1/rac1 -g RAC1 &./minibench -co localhost -cm -pos 500,0 -dim 500,400 -min 300 -max 800 -a -cs //node2/rac2 -g RAC2 &./minibench -co localhost -cm -pos 0,400 -dim 500,400 -min 300 -max 800 -a -cs //node3/rac3 -g RAC3 &./minibench -co localhost -cm -pos 500,400 -dim 500,400 -min 300 -max 800 -a -cs //node4/rac4 -g RAC4 &sleep 2./clusteroverview -pos 1000,0 -dim 400,800

This script start swingbench in graphical mode, sleeps to let it start, then starts 4 minibenches at different postions on the screen. The new “-cm” maximises minibench’s charts. The rest of the parameters describe what database they are connecting to and what load group they are in. The script then sleeps for 2 seconds before starting clusteroverview in a specific position. You end up with some thing that looks like this

Hope you find this useful. I intend to shortly publish a new webcast on how to set up and use clusteroverview.
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