Scalability fix for orderentry benchmark

I’ve been doing some testing lately on some pretty fast servers of late, in particular Exadata V2. This has resulted in issues with the swingbench “SOE” benchmark that I hadn’t seen before such as data and index block contention and even some deadlocks (yes shame on me). So I took a look at the way the code worked and have updated it to use more efficient (and arguably more up to date) approaches to the same processes. The code still does the same number of selects,inserts and updates but removes some silly none scalable operations as well. This code will ship in swinbench 2.4 (yes I’ve decided to update to 2.4.... there’s a lot of changes) but I thought some people might find the new V1.1 version of the benchmark useful today so Im making it available on the downloads page. It should just be a simple update to the schema... i.e.

$> sqlplus soe/soe @soedgpackage.sql

Whilst this will fix a large number of problems you may need to reverse key a few indexes as well... (This will be part of the full installation in 2.4)

Let me know how you get on....
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