Datagenerator update to build 31

I've been slowly rounding off some of the rough edges in datagenerator. In this release I've fixed a few bugs and provided a wizard to size tables up in a simpler fashion (hint its the new button on the tool bar). I've also included the ability to store data in side of the config file. This is really useful if you have to take reference data from a reversed engineered schema. To demonstrate this I reverse engineered the oracle "sales history" schema and included the reference data for "TIMES","PRODUCTS" etc. The whole schema including reference data can now be shipped in a single file. I've included this file in this build (sh.xml in bin/winbin directory). This means you should be able to generate a multi terabyte "sh" schema.... This functionality will fome the basis of a new DSS benchmark in the next few weeks for swingbench. Let me know if you encounter any problems.

Oh and I fixed a stupid scripting bug the windows bat file to lauch datagenerator...
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