Swingbench with AWR support

Im uploading a new build of swingbench that includes support for performing AWR snaps at the start and end of of a benchmark run.

This is a common request and automates a task that a lot of people do. I've also included a new section in the stats that are generated which lists the top 10 (11 to be exact if you include CPU) wait events for a run if you choose to collect database statistics.

I've had a lot of requests about 9i support in swingbench which I appear to have broken. Can you let me know if you still think this is important (I guess its implied by the requests I've had). I need to know whether to focus on this of finish the 2.3 doc.

I'd also appreciate if you could let me know if the wait events I report are in line with the stats you get from ARW... if they're not its down to me not AWR.

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