CPU Monitor 0.1

I’ve been pretty quiet lately but that’s purely down to my current workload (my proper job). That’s not to say I haven’t been busy in my spare time and you should expect a flurry of releases in the near term. The first of these is a simply utility that I put together for some benchmarks I’ve been doing, its called “CPU Monitor”.

I know not an original title.... but it pretty much describes what its designed to do. I also know there are plenty of tools like these on the market but I wanted something that was trivial to set up and configure and could look at lots of machines at the same time. I intend to extend it in a number of directions.

Its primary aim is to support monitoring clusters of machines (I’ve been working on Exadata pretty much exclusively for the last 6 months) in near real time and record the stats for later analysis.

I hope to make a few changes shortly

  • Removal of clear text passwords in the config file
  • Support for Solaris, and AIX.
  • A "Mini" mode
  • A Character mode
  • A Table Mode
  • Network Monitoring
  • Further statistics collection
  • Source code for information scraping. Allowing improvements on current statistic collection or support for new OS's

You can find it here . Let me know if you find it useful.
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