Fix for Swingbench 2.6 incoming...

Another couple of fixes for swingbench… In the last build I was mucking around with some of the concurrency code that manages the threads as they connect and record their stats… A few simple mistakes and a light testing workload meant that I missed a few horrible errors. These related to

  • Connection pooling… Some threads failed when using a connection pool and never got reconnected.
  • Reporting of results… At the end of a run the thread that collated results failed as the data structures it was using were updated by threads still processing transactions. This lead to concurrent modification exceptions.

Both of these issues are now fixed or at least in all my testing but please contact me if you are still seeing them.

I also updated a few other minor issues. Over the next couple of months I plan to release

  • A docker image of swingbench to simplify install
  • A new sharded SOE and JSON benchmark
  • Certificate support for swingbench/dbmonitor and cpumonitor
  • New visualisation renderings (table, pie, bar) for dbmonitor

Sorry the fixes took a little longer to fix. We've had a lot on in Oracle Development over the last few months…

I recommend all 2.6 users to upgrade to this build (1082). As always you can find it here
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